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Mainly engaged in precision sheet metal processing, automatic equipment sheet metal parts and the production and assembly of the whole set of equipment. Be good at machining parts with complex shape and high surface and size requirements (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate), as well as frame type body metal welding, and cooperate with many outsourcing processing and surface treatment units (nickel plating, hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, gold plating, silver plating, chromium plating, Teflon plating, tetrafluoron plating, soft nitriding, passivation, iron blackening, aluminum blackening, aluminum oxidation, spray molding, painting, etc.) They have friendly cooperative relations. Better help customers to solve urgent parts, proofing parts and small batch of test samples, fast response, short production cycle, improve the speed of customer new product development. Processed products are widely used in medical equipment industry, packaging machinery industry, electronic and communication industry, non-standard equipment industry.

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